I’m a coffee guzzling, beer loving graphic artist and super hero aficionado.

Enjoying all things art and geek culture, digital design is a way of life. Whether professionally or recreationally, if I’m not glued to my monitor you’ll find me at my sketchbook. It has been said that a person is what they love. If that is so, then I guess that makes me a digital sketchbook. Or a latte.

First, with a degree in sociology, I wandered the bay area enthralling people with the woes of society before my wife convinced me to do something that I truly loved. We moved to Sacramento where I doodled, sketched and designed my way to a degree in graphic design.

My sociological degree provides a unique perspective on design’s place within culture. I’m able to combine this knowledge with a client centered approach to the design process in order to meet the unique needs of every client – and it is so much fun.

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